We work day after day to be an ethical, citizen and innovative company that generates positive impact to the people, to the world and to the business. In this way, we structured our agenda in three main pillars:

Culture and Governance

With a corporate governance that is recognized and valued by the market, Localiza&Co’s good practices are based on transparency, compliance, equity and accountability, with robust auditing and risk management.

Sustainable Mobility

We look for natural resources usage efficiency, measure and reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) and the operation impact minimization. In this wat, we also work to engage our clients, partners and coworkers.


Social Transformation

We created a Diversity and Inclusion program to ensure the development of a diverse environment. In addition, through Instituto Localiza, we support social organizations with projects focused on access to education and promotion of productive inclusion. The company also works on the relationship with communities, suppliers, investors and customers.

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connected with the material topics of Localiza&co:

Gas Emission

• Reducing vehicle emissions through the use of ethanol
• Neutralization of remaining emissions

Waste, Energy and Water Management

• Expansion of clean energy consumption at the branches
• Management of waste generated by vehicle maintenance
• Reduction of water use through dry cleaning

Intelligent and Sustainable Car Use

• Implementation of telemetry for intelligent use of cars

Traffic Safety

• Implementation of the traffic safety program

Quallty in Services

• Business activities associated with our value proposition to customers

People Development and Retention

• Retention of key people
• Evolution in employee satisfaction

Diversity, Inclusion and Human Rights

• Implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion Program

Social Development

• Launch and consolidation of Instituto Localiza
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Ethics, Integrity and Transparence

• Training of employees in the Code of Conduct
• Maintenance of ISO 37001 certification
• Dissemination of the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
• Management of the Whistleblowing Channel

Corporate Governance

• Evolution in ESG practices


Have a look on our 2022 figures:

17 GreenBlob employees
100 used by the Company came from clean, renewable sources
4 in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Brazil
14 offset by Neutraliza
5 gender equity, LGBTI+, migrants and people in refuge, people with disabilities and race
24 offset- scopes 1 and 2
295 hours training hours for employees promoted by Universidade Localiza
80 liters of water saved through dry cleaning
12 young people impacted by Instituto Localiza

Watch our 2022 Sustainability Report highlights:

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