Competitive Advantages

Raising capital: 

The Company’s ratings according to the leading rating agencies (Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings) are the best in the industry, enabling it to raise funds on excellent terms in terms of both maturity and cost.

Acquisition of cars:

The Company is one of the largest buyers of cars manufactured by Brazil’s leading carmakers. The scale of business enables better negotiation during the acquisition of cars.

Car rentals and fleet rental:

Well recognized brand; know-how of the car rental market; integrated business platform; dilution of administrative expenses through the use of a single administrative structure covering all business divisions; the possibility of cross selling among the divisions and the geographic distribution, represented by a network of branches that is larger than the competitors combined, represent competitive advantages for the Company. In addition, the Company believes it has the larger car rental network in South America in number of branch offices.

Sale of decommissioned cars for fleet renewal:

Due to the constant need for fleet renewal, the Company has a structure for the sale of decommissioned cars, which helps reduce the intermediation costs on the sale of cars. This structure also provides information about the cars market, which helps in devising the right strategy for acquiring cars, estimating their residual value and, consequently, in fixing the rent amount for cars and for fleet rental.


The Company makes substantial investments in technology to offer differentiated products to its customers with higher added value.