Corporate Profile

Localiza&co is the largest mobility network in South America, present in 7 countries, with more than 627 thousand cars in the fleet, 927 physical points and 21 thousand employees (in March 2024). Its integrated platform keeps the customer at the center and is structured in integrated ecosystems to serve individuals, companies and app drivers.

The Car Rental Division is responsible for renting cars at agencies located in airports and outside airports. Rentals are made by individuals on business or leasure, as well as by insurance companies and automakers who offer replacement cars to their customers in the event of accidents or mechanical breakdowns during the term of the insurance policy or guarantee, respectively. The company also offers car rental for application drivers through Zarp, a network dedicated to them. The Franchising area is responsible for franchising Car Rental in Brazil and South America.

The Fleet Rental Division is responsible for long-term rentals, providing customers with a brand new cars, for 24, 36 or 48-months. This solution is in line with current trends in which more critical consumers rethink their purchase, preferring the subscription. In addition, fleet rental and subscription allow for greater comfort and practicality for the customer, who does not need to worry about maintenance, IPVA or vehicle depreciation.

Seminovos sells cars defleeted from the Car Rental and Fleet Rental division directly to end consumers. In this way, the company maximizes the recovery value of these assets, reducing the depreciation of cars and the net investment for fleet renewal, since the sales expense of the owned network is lower than the discount required by dealers.