The Board of Directors, in accordance with the Company’s By Law approved at Extraordinary General Meeting as of April 29th 2019, is composed of a minimum of 6 (six) and a maximum of 8 (eight) members, elected by the General Meeting for a unified term of 2 (two) years, being able to be reelected.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the determining policies and guidelines to the Company’s business, as well as responsible of determing, supervising and monitoring the activities of the Executive Officers, choosing independent auditors and implementing and supervising internal audits.

Currently, the Board of Directors is composed by the following members:


Oscar de Paula Bernardes Neto Chairman
Eugênio Pacelli Mattar Member
Irlau Machado Filho  Independent Member
Maria Letícia de Freitas Costa Independent Member
Paulo Antunes Veras  Independent Member
Pedro de Godoy Bueno  Independent Member

We set out below a summary of the professional experience, specializations and main external commercial interests of the current members of the Board of Directors.

Oscar de Paula Bernardes Neto. Mr. Bernardes has been an independent member of the Company’s Board since 2007. He previously served as chairman of the advisory board of Telesystem International Wireless (TIW) in Brazil (1999 to 2003) and as CEO of Bunge International (1996 to 1999). Before joining the Bunge Group, he was managing partner of Booz-Allen & Hamilton. He has also been a member of the board of directors of Satipel S.A., RBS Group, Delphi Corporation (USA) and Johnson Electric. In addition to serving as independent Director of Localiza Rent a Car S.A., Mr. Bernardes is: Vice-chairman of the board of directors and member of the Strategy Committee at Marcopolo S/A; Member of the Advisory Board of Davos; Director and member of the Audit Committee of Cia Suzano Papel e Celulose; Member of the Compensation and Personnel Development, and the Finance Committees at Praxair Inc. (USA); Senior Consultant to the CEO of Johnson Electric Holdings Limited; Member of the board of directors of VPar – Votorantim Participações; Member of the Advisory Board of Amyris (USA); Director of OMNI; Vicechairman of the Board and Coordinator of the Human Resources Committee of DASA; Chairman of the Strategy Committee of Vanguarda S/A; Director of Gerdau S/A and of Metalúrgica Gerdau.

Eugênio Pacelli Mattar. Eugênio Mattar is chief executive officer (CEO) and member of the Board of Directors of Localiza, Leading South American car rental company with 47 years of existence. Under his management are more than 9 thousand employees, a fleet of more than 320 thousand cars, operation of 600 car rental locations and 125 Seminovos’ stores. For two consecutive years (2018 and 2019), he was elected by Forbes as one of the best CEOs in Brazil. The company has been achieving exponential growth and leveraging even more its innovative DNA with intensive use of technology. It was elected the 20th most valuable Brazilian brand in 2019 with the best customer service index (NPS), according to the international consultancy Interbrand, in addition to being the Company with the highest Market Cap in the publicly traded car rental sector.

One of the founders of the Movimento Bem Maior, an organization that seeks to expand investment in philanthropy in Brazil, Eugênio argues that attitudes that transform and improve people’s lives matter for a more egalitarian society. He invests his own resources and takes the time to share his experience and help train entrepreneurs. He accumulates in his curriculum the role of president in Minas Gerais of the Directing Council of Junior Achievement, a global institution that takes entrepreneurship to public schools, and is one of the leaders of Estímulo 2020 in Brazil, a financial support program for small and medium entrepreneurs affected by coronavirus pandemic.

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and a postgraduate degree in Economic Engineering from the same institution. He also participated in the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD.

Irlau Machado Filho. Mr. Irlau has recognized experience in the area of operations, people management, finance and strategy, currently occupying the position of CEO of the NotreDame Intermédica Group. Previously, Mr. Irlau Machado served as CEO of Hospital A.C. Camargo, CEO of Medial Saúde, Vice President of Banco Santander and Vice President of Citibank for Latin America. He has a degree in Business Administration, Economics and Political Science from Augustana College, in the United States.

Maria Letícia de Freitas Costa. Ms. Costa is an independent member of the Company’s Board. She has a degree in production engineering from the University of São Paulo’s Polytechnic School and received her MBA from Johnson School at Cornell University. She began her professional career as a systems analyst at Indústrias Villares. In 1986 she joined the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, presently Booz & Company, where she served as Vice President in charge of the Industry and Operations area. Ms. Costa is presently a partner of Prada Assessoria, a business consulting firm, and Director of Lato Sensu Graduate Programs at Insper in São Paulo. In addition to serving as independent Director of Localiza Rent a Car S.A., Ms. Maria Letícia Costa is: Partner at Prada Assessoria; Director of graduate programs (Latu Sensu) at Instituto Insper in São Paulo; Director and a member of the Audit Committee at Technip; Director and member of the Strategy Committee at Marcopolo; Member of the Audit Committee at Votorantim Industrial and Votorantim Cimentos.

Paulo Antunes Veras. Mr. Paulo Veras is an independent member of the Board. He has founded six digital startups since 1995, was co-founder and CEO of 99 Taxi, is a board member of B2W and Estapar. He was the managing director of Endeavor Brazil, a global non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurship for economic development, and served on its board for 8 years. Paulo holds a Mechatronical Engineer degree from USP and an MBA from INSEAD in France.

Pedro de Godoy Bueno. Mr. Pedro de Godoy Bueno is an independent member of the Company’s Board. He is the President of Dasa, the Brazilian leader in diagnostic medicine, (5th largest company in the industry in the world), founder and Managing Partner of DNA Capital, a private equity fund focused on healthcare, and a member of the Board of the Network Odd (2nd largest network of independent hospitals in Brazil). He began his career in investment banking, with a two-year stint at BTG Pactual in various merger and acquisition transactions. In 2012, he joined Amil and participated in the sale of the company to United Health Group, the largest investment made by an American company in Brazil at that time. A year later, Pedro founded DNA Capital and in 2015 assumed the position of president of DASA. Pedro holds a degree in Economics from PUC-RJ.